Future of the educated person

The perception of an “educated” person will likely be very different in the future. For the past few centuries we have placed our faith in schools and universities to provide us with skills and information that will improve our lives. High schools and colleges used to offer graduates coveted badges of personal aptitude.

This model has worked for a long time. But times are changing.

As more and more people (employers and graduates) recognize that many degrees lack relevancy, they begin to question what a degree actually represents.

For this reason, the discussion surrounding conventional education is changing and intensifying. This is a good thing because as the price to value of education continues to diverge, people need to think seriously about their goals and how to best position themselves for a promising future. Conventional education may be one path, but it’s certainly not the only one.

We are currently experiencing an interregnum, a period of discontinuity or “gap” in our social order. And as we adjust to the new emerging landscape, I believe the way we define and recognize an “educated” person will also change.



























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